Refund and Returns Policy

The process of return, transfer or exchange takes a little time, but in the first and in the end, let me know that your right is guaranteed, no matter what happens, and any delay will be against us.
Before you see the return policy, you must know that we import all our products ourselves and choose them very carefully, but of course there may be manufacturing defects or something that breaks before you receive the shipment (but don’t worry).

Before we receive the products, we have technicians review the products piece by piece, so that we will not send you anything bad or any product and salvation

We care that you are upset with us and that your opinion is very important to us.

We have technicians review the product for every need of breakage or electricity and try it and make sure that it is intact, but of course without using it on themselves, they just make sure that it does not have any final defect, and of course there will be some products that will be wrapped in a way that if they open, you will not be able to follow or care products This character is so we can’t try it all, but we try random samples of it and make sure it’s safe, and we don’t sell these tested pieces again, of course.

If within 14 days from the date of receiving the product, you can return the product you purchased (in cases of obvious manufacturing defects in the product) and they will refund you the full product. All products must be returned in their original condition and wrapped well so that there is nothing wrong with shipping.

We guarantee the replacement of all products that have a manufacturing defect, broken shipping, or any mis-storage.
Keep in mind that shipping fees are not refundable in the event that the product has no defects.

And in order to facilitate the return and provide you with these methods so that you know how we reached (Facebook page or technical support from the site or through customer service)

Orders are returned through our shipping companies, but we cannot return them in any other way.

Of course, you must know that although we will certainly help you to solve any problem, there are some cases in which we cannot return the product to you:
1- If you submit a return request or complaint after 14 days of purchasing the product.

2- If the product has a problem due to the wrong use, or we return it in a condition other than the condition in which we delivered the product to you.

3- Of course, underwear, socks, and any personal need. We can’t bring you back, and this is for your safety, of course, you are the first.

4- If the product has a local warranty here in Egypt, we will send you it.

5- Anything that is consumptive in the sense that you use a part of it, we cannot return it.

6- If there is anything that is lost from you while you are trying the product.

7- Hygiene and personal care products.

8- Products that are packaged in such a way that they cannot be opened except by cutting the packaging or any part of the product packaging.

Products that we can’t return:
Underwear – underwear – socks – swimwear – perfumes – skin and cosmetics products – accessories like chains, clips and rings